February 7, 2021 – 2 pm (NYC)

A Taste of Oysters of Yiddish Song

a showcase of contemporary yiddish songs, featuring songwriters who will be part of a forthcoming collection i’m co-editing with Adah Hetko and Zoë Aqua: the first songbook to present the fruits of the last forty years of yiddish cultural revitalization! presenting artists Anthony Mordechai Tsvi Russell, Judith Berkson, Shura Lipovsky, Isabel Frey, and Benji Fox-Rosen! RSVP here.

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i have an essay coming out in Cindy Milstein’s forthcoming anthology There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists, alongside an array of other organizers and cultural workers. my piece reflects on using jewish cultural material in justice movement organizing, after more than twenty years experience. Pre-order here; publication in the spring!

Coming Soon!

another essay, this time on the “fem” part of “trans | fem | aesthetics” for an issue of E-Flux on that theme, edited by Mackenzie Wark. some history, some polemic, some nudzhes for current practice. keep an eye out here for the issue this spring; get a video preview of sorts here!

and three of my translations of yiddish poems by Roza Gutman will be appearing later this year in the National Yiddish Book Center’s next (online) translations issue of Pakn Treger.

ראָזעלע זושוק האַלעװי