one of the greatest singers i’ve ever heard, one of the cultural workers i most admire, died on thursday morning.

the best way i know to honor her is to say her name and tell people to listen to her voice, in song, speaking, or on the page.

jewlia eisenberg zts”l

you can find out about her and her music (and watch and listen) on her website, here.

you can read her wise and generous thoughts on adventurous yiddish music here.

you can hear her on all the usual places, under her name and her bands: Charming Hostess. Red Pocket. Book of J. my favorite will probably always be Trilectic (Charming Hostess, 2002), but i’d never argue about it.

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  1. no….
    i visit this site quite intermittently and wasn’t in the loop for news at the time she passed. jewlia was indeed one of the greatest singers and cultural workers. i was lucky to attend a few live shows with her in the sf bay area. a powerhouse, mensch…
    rest in power

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