Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky

ראָזעלע זושוק האַלעװי

cultural worker and organizer. never learned how to make art for art’s sake; rarely likes working alone. can’t stop picking things up on the street and making other things out of them – outfits, collectives, performances, barricades, essays, meals…

roots in the yiddish jewish communities of the ottoman/russian/austrohungarian borderlands, and among dutch, scots, and english original settlers in lenapehoking and nundawaonoga. 3rd-generation radical; 2nd-generation dyke.

just another diasporist gendertreyf veltlekhe mischling fem who identifies with, not as.

public [at] meansof [dot] org

ראָזעלע זושוק האַלעװי