about the blog

(if you’re looking for my bio, it’s here)

i write long. the sting is often in the tail. sometimes there’s a TL;DR. my footnotes are usually expansions and comments. i give paths to sources wherever makes sense to me in the moment: in the text, in a footnote, at the end…

everything dated early than 2021 was originally posted as umruik at tumblr. some of those posts were originally replies to or in conversation with other people, who’re identified with the handles they used at the time.

comments are enabled on new posts, at least for the moment. i’ll actively moderate into oblivion anything that’s pushing misogynist, trans-hating, white supremacist, anti-sexwork, colonialist, &c positions.

that doesn’t mean “be polite”, “don’t disagree with me”, or “don’t talk shit” – it means what it says. taking “never talking shit [about folks sharing your identity group]” as a (anti)political principle is respectability fetishism of the worst kind: it protects people from the consequences of their actions, it makes real political debate and analysis impossible, and it guts meaningful discussion of cultural work. gossip, dish, and rumor are important and can be lifesaving. עס שטײט געשריבן : if it’s true and pushes towards changed behavior in the present & future, it’s not לשון הרע – our contemporary sages of transformative justice say the same.

ראָזעלע זושוק האַלעװי